Children's Safe Harbor
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Welcome to Children's Safe Harbor

In 2018, Montgomery, San Jacinto, and Walker counties offered initial services to over 2,166 children ages 2-17. In Montgomery county alone, 5,611 statewide intake reports were reviewed to streamline child abuse investigations. 

In the past, these child victims of sexual assault and trauma had to seek help through multiple contacts with different community professionals, which created a maze of confusion and distress for the child and the family. Children's Safe Harbor has changed all of that.

We are working to end child sexual abuse and trauma, and we need your help. 

Some believe an abused child is broken forever. We know otherwise. Children who get proper investigative services and counseling can heal and go on to lead healthy, whole lives. Join us in the journey to end child abuse and trauma. 

We know the way, and we have the solution.


2018 Annual Report